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after Hurricane Maria, we began providing disaster-relief to the Deaf/HH Community in Puerto Rico

Since October 2017, our team has been supplying the Deaf/HH in over two dozen regions of the island with solar light and water filtration. On foot and person-to-person. We started as First-Responders supported by an aggressive community of donors, we then partnered with @rocksteadyforlife@wavesforwater, and @harper4humanity on the ground and with love from @redbull. Finally, with the incredible contribution made by @randomactsorg, we were equipped to respond effectively to the 2018 hurricane season. We continue to return to the impacted remote areas to provide for those still living in the dark and without access to clean water.


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The #ateamOTG is made up of every person who contributes to the mission!

It’s nice to know we’re all on the same team.
— Rich "Crazy Legs" Colon (Humanitarian / Rock Steady Crew 1977)




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