Women's Physical Security

WHERE are women physically secure???
So, WHY is a woman's security not a PRIORITY?

I used to not believe in Self Defense. I used to be the girl who would hold my car keys between my knuckles on the way to my car, not realizing I would have to actually touch the bad guy in hopes that the jab of my key would even land. I was the girl who would shy at the stranger making me feel uncomfortable simply because I did not want to embarrass myself by speaking-up. Yet the real reason I never spoke-up was bc deep down I knew I could not PHYSICALLY back-up my words. To no fault of my own, I have fallen victim to violence at various stages of my life both on and off the grid by the stranger AND the non-stranger. I am small, not just short but I am what they consider to be 'STRAWweight' at 5'1, 115 lbs. My size, my experiences, none of that will ever change. But what has changed is now I can defend myself against a bad guy who is larger, stronger and faster than me. But, I am just 1 of 3.7 BILLION other females in the world

The first day I attended a 'Gracie Jiu Jitsu Women Empowered' seminar, was the SAME day I realized this was not just for me —that I needed to get trained in the most efficient amount of time, become certified and help spread the solution. I still do AngelaGraphix but now I split my work into training women children, deaf/blind, even men in the states ..and non-profit when I train in remote locations off the grid.

There is not one person I have ever met who has stepped on the mat and not had the same epiphany, that the GJJWE program is the most efficient key to resolving the threat. And just like learning how to ride a bike, or signing —no one fully understands the power of timing, leverage and technique to surviving UNTIL they step on the mat. I WILL TRAVEL TO ANY CORNER AND COLOR OF THIS MAP TO INSTRUCT. The struggle is not MY time —nor HER size, weight, athleticism, age, religious background or history of violence. The struggle is getting women to sign-up. 

What color of the map are you?

-Angela Maria Nardolillo