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after THE EARTHQUAKE of 2010, we have been working to bring sustainable & Educational supplies, life-saving tools and business to the Deaf/HH Community in haiti


In 2010, a devastating 7.0 Earthquake struck Haiti. 300,000 people were killed as homes and buildings collapsed. People were dispersed, seperated from their families and had to individually fend for themselves. 4-6,000 inmates had escaped; Tent cities were established. Communications were down and the deaf were left to fend for themselves. Since the earthquake struck, we have provided hundreds of the Deaf/HH with a variety of tools in the form of: sustainable footwear known as The Shoe That Grows, created a jewelry business for Deaf women, educational supplies for various Deaf schools and orphanage, dozens of the indestructive soccerball One World Futbol and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense training camps. Our current objective is bringing solar light and water filtration systems in to the villages where the Deaf/HH remain without these basic needs.



Providing tools for Self-Defense against sexual assault and Deaf Culture mannerisms as it relates to communicating with touch, my-body-my-choice.

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Providing rape whistles, children's clothing, hygiene and jewelry-making supplies.