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We are a team with a purpose and TOGETHER we get things done.


Each mission has a different ‘A-Team’ contingent upon the demographic and region.



The individuals who work at the core of the mission made up of Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, backpackers and village leaders. 



Made up of organizations, companies and news networks. They support us in various ways whether on the ground, promote awareness to our cause or sponsorship.



Individuals who donate make the mission possible.

We are soon going to be opening this page up to those interested in participating in the Frontlines and Partners program. If you have any immediate questions, feel free to contact us at info (at) offthegridmissions .org




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Thank you for the support of our efforts to bring relief aid to Deaf/HH Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.


Chief of Operations
Angela Maria Nardolillo

Chief of Finance, Security & Travel
Wayne Theodore

Regional Director
Meral Aydin

Adriana Vasquez (Quality Control)
Edwin Mendez Jr. 
Cesar-Gabriel J. Colón
Movimiento Autonomo de Sordos
Marjorie Lugo
Jorge Quinones
Sel Staley
Liznelly Sastre
Yarett Eunice P. Rodríguez


Rock Steady for Life

Waves for Water

Because International
Harper 4 Humanity
Island Corps
Latino Deaf/HH Association of Metro DC

The Daily Moth
Sign 1 News


By Mara
Chef Bee's Kitchen NYC
Communication Services f/t Deaf (CSD)
Deafhood Yoga

Deaf Catholic Ministry of Chicago Illinois
Expressions From The Heart (EFTH)

Gallaudet University

Illinois Catholic Office of the Deaf
Kendall School "Sharing Luck Off-The-Grid"
National Association of the Deaf (NAD)
Random Acts Org
Spring Run Presbyterian Church
Southern California's Interpreters Conference
Will Ris

Christina Markou Harucki (Texas)
Matt Marquis (California)
Lillie Maximo (Florida)
Laurie McCants (Pennyslvania)
Steve McInerny
Sheena, Manny, Shay & Ivy McFeely (Texas)
Kevin McLeod (Maryland)
Diane McMartin (Virginia)
Elizabeth Milana
Suzanne Milford
Milrich Associates, LLP (Idaho)
Ed Mineau (Utah)
Wanda Mithaug (Canada)
Ilona Mironenko (Canada)
Elizabeth Milana
Kimberly L Mokris (Illinois)
Christine Monday (California)
Lisa Montalvo (Washington, DC)
Marian & Ben Moore
Chrissy Moreno (Texas)
John Robert Morton
Juanitas Adventures
Elizabeth Lacy (Texas)
Christopher Luna (California)
Judith Mounty (Maryland)
John Robert Morton (Georgia)
Jennifer Mulholland (Mississippi)
Jimmy "Snoots" Gann (Mississippi)
JTD Enterprises, LLC
Mark Nardolillo (New Jersey)
Kelly Nardolillo (New Jersey)
Vinny & Brenda Nardolillo (California)
Carla Nieves (California)
Ava Nishita
Stacy Nowak
Angelina Nystrom (California)
Kelly Doule (New York)
Claira Oberrender
Andy Oh
(New Jersey)
Cara O'Connell (Virginia)
Christine O'Horo (Massachusetts)
Marion O'Reilly (New Jersey)
Kendra Oladipo
Amelia Ortiz
Damarita Ortiz (California)
Matteo Ortiz (California)
Arlene "Lele" Pagan Ngalle (Maryland)
Michael Pearlman (Maryland)
Lindsey Pearsall (New York)
Frenchetta Perez
Deborah Perry (Massachusetts) 
Jennifer Peterson (Washington, DC)
Karen Peterson (Arizona)
Andrew Petajan (Maryland)
Kristen Piersa of Unexplored Journeys
Hannah Portner
Samantha Pomarico
Rae Reece
Alice Renteria (Washington)
Kate Rice (Illinois)
Zoe Rodriguez (Washington, DC)
Tracey, Will, Kaitlyn & Mr. Riddles Powell (Maryland)
Jules Purnell (Pennyslvania)
Rae Reese (Oklahoma)
Scarlett Reichenbach (Florida)
Matt Reinig (California)
Marcia Del Rios (Texas)
Kristin Richter (California)
David Rivera (New York)
Zoe Rodriguez
 (Washington, DC)
Judith Robbins (Arizona)
Andrew Robertson (Maryland)
Lucy Rosado (Puerto Rico)
Jame Rose (New York)
Megg Rose (California)
Cindy Beth Ross (California)
Rosie Rabon Ross (Virginia)
Garrick Sakado (California)
Tracey Salaway (Washington, DC)
Elsie Samson
Boris Sar (New York)
Scott Associates (California)
Tami Santimyer (Washington, DC)
Emmanuel Von Schack (New York)
Christopher Sewell (Washington, DC)
Jamie Shatwell (California)
Modesty Silva (California)
Julie Spigner (Washington)
Bobby Skedsmo (California)
Deborah Skjeveland (Washington, DC)
John Smith
Danielle & Jonas Soares
Amanda Sortwell
Luis Levi Soto (Florida)
Christopher Soukup (Maryland)
Lisa Soukup (Maryland)
Shoshannah Stern (California)
Abby Streitz (Texas)
Valerie Speir
Julie Spigner
Abby Streit
Marilyn Swanson
Melissa Swanson
Rebecca Szynkowski (Maryland)
Brad Taylor
Melinni Taylor
June Terry (Connecticut)
Albert Tharpe III (Colorado)
Ester Tina (Germany)
Francisco J. Torres
Amanda Lee Tuite (Texas)
Ryan Turner (Indiana)
Chris Vega (New York)
Nancy Rosario-Velez (New York)
Sabrina Valencia (Colorado)
Sherry Vest (Florida)
Victor Vinas (New York)
Sean & Anna Virnig (California)
Dona Nguyen Vo (New York)
Michelle Vore (Maryland)
Nancy Wakefield (Wisconsin)
Erin Wietecha
Oni Wilson (New York)
Kristin & Chris Wills (Virginia)
Jerilyn Winegard (Texas)
Ondreya Witmer (Indiana)
Lori Whynot (Washington, DC)
Sara Wondra (Colorado)
Gayle Noble Vance Woodyard
Raymonda Azrelyant Yeh (Maryland)

Stacy Abrams (Arizona)
Carol Bella-Adams (California)
Andrew Aguilera (California)
Alex Alonso (California)
Xiomara Alvarez (Puerto Rico)
Kara Andrade (California)
Amber Akapnitis
Kay Amos

Rena Jo Arnold (Arkansas)
Eve Adele Asher
JP Acevedo
Jamie Almodovar (Puerto Rico)
Jon Jon & Charlin Almodovar (Puerto Rico)
Meral, Matthew & Mira Aydin-McDuffe (California)
Anne Marie Baer (Colorado)
Krystin Balzarini (Washington, DC)
Jillian & Ted Baker (California)
Dani Barbin (Texas)
Lauren Barkmeier (Minnesota)
David & Sally Barnett (Pennsylvania)
Nicole Beach (Ohio)
Marie Bennett (Maryland)
Jennifer Bemisderfer (Virginia)
Nic Bernardo
Carli Bertrand (Washington, DC)
Romel Belcher (Sweden)
Katie Bonneville (Florida)
Olivia Boan (Texas)
Gary F Bowen
Gary Boyd
Claire Bretschneider (New York)
Tara Brindle (Virginia)
Kimberley Bradshaw (France)
Bethany Bubanji (Virginia)
Brett Cambria (California)
Ryan Hait-Campbell (Colorado)
Melissa Carrasquillo (New York)
Gina Catalano (Georgia)
Cathy & Craig
Miriam Centeno (Illinois)
Samantha Chappell (California)
Tracy Clark (California)
Evelyn Gonzalez-Colon (Pennyslvania)
Maximo & Shivani Collado
Hilda Colondres (California)
Bobbi Cordiano (Washington, DC)
Cristina Cotte (Washington, DC)
Brenda Cummings (Florida)
Lindsay Curtin
Debra Curtsinger (Texas)
Marcy Cross (Canada)
Theresa Crump (North Carolina)
B'Linda Dance (Kentucky)
Domenico D'Angelo (New York)
David Danos (Canada)
Ziain Dax
Jen M. Dixon

Bethany E Dongiovann
Emilia Doudt (Maryland)
Kelly Doule (New York)
Ellen Doyle (Tennessee)
Shane Dundas (Maryland)
Christopher Dunne (New Jersey)
Yolanda Evans (Virginia)
Nadene Eisner (Illinois)
Grisselle Escotto & Walle (California)
Karl Ewan (Washington, DC)
Erin Fisher (Maryland)
Rita Fattorusso (New York)
Amé T. Flournoy (California)
Judy Ford
Krissy Foreman
Jessica Foss (Ohio)
Jasmine Garcia-Freeland (Texas)
Sol Freer
Samantha Garley
Mary Germano (New York)
Myrna Guzman (Virginia)
Rebecca Goldenbaum (Maryland)
Daniella Gonzalez (New York)
Jennine Gosk (Pennyslvania)
Bekah Guerrero (California)
Savannah Hagwood (Washington)
Mary Harman (Washington, DC)
Jennifer Heiser (Washington, DC)
Leah Katz-Hernandez (Washington, DC)
Mario "Manny" Hernandez (Washington, DC)
Sandy Hernandez (New York)
Heather Herzig (Texas) 
Sara Lee Herzig (Maryland)
Tiffany Hill (Maryland)
Stephen Hlibok (Maryland)
Elise Nye Holliday & Family (New Mexico)
Peggy Huber (California)
Justin Jackerson (California)
Heidi Hottie-Jeffery (Texas)
Catherine Jersey (Florida)
Jim Labbe
Rikki Jiang
Heidi Johnson (Washington, DC)
Deborah & Peter Joyce (Connecticut)
Stephanie Kahn (Washington, DC)
Tara Kandel (New York)
Katielynn Kazupski (Washington)
Bridgette Keefe
Eugenia Kennedy
Mei Kennedy (Texas)
Judy Kim (California)
Maria Klein (New Mexico)
Patty Klingler (Pennyslvania)
Caroline Koo
Danica Kojadinovic (Australia)
Dyan Kovacs (Arizona)
kelly Krzyska (California)
Jim Labbe
Jason Lamberton (Washington, DC)
Jessica Lang (Washington, DC)
Kelly Lenis (Washington, DC)
Terri Levine
Carrie Lindeman (Washington, DC)
Timothy Lombardo (Maryland)
Marian Lopez (Maryland)
Keanu Lowo (Georgia)
Fred Lozano (Ohio)
Rebekah Rodriguez Lynn (California)
Melanie Maddison (United Kingdom)
Becca Marino (Tennessee) 
Matt Marquis (California)
Kellie Martin (Tennessee)
Moorea Masa (Oregon)
Eddie Martinez Jr. (Maryland)

Note: If you have contributed to #offthegridPUERTORICO's relief efforts however you do not see your name or your information has changed, please email info [a] 


If you have ever donated to any of the below projects and your mailing address has changed, please update it by filling out this form. That way we can keep you informed, via snail-mail!


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The Shoe That Grows

up to 5 sizes, and lasts up to 5 years! 
— Because International

Thanks to the donors below, Deaf communities in Haiti, India and Fiji have received sustainable shoes, the One World Futbol and jewelry supplies for women's business!

3 people chose to be Anonymous

Jamie Valeria Almodovar (Puerto Rico)

Josenel Exalus (Haiti)

Andrew, Abbie Gelzer, McKenzie Buuck, Trevor Lee and Kayla Hetherington  (Idaho)

Stacy Abrams "This is for my granny, who could make anything out of anything, and she would have made sure that my family had shoes, so I wanted to donate in her honor." (Phoenix, Arizona)

Betty Abrams "in memory of The 3 murdered deaf ladies"

Jamie Almodovar "HOPE & LOVE" (Puerto Rico)

Norberto Almodovar (California)

Shagun Kaur Aulakh (California)

Linda Arnold "In honor of the 3 ladies murdered in Haiti"

Jillian & Ted Baker (California)

Bianca Garcia Barraclough "It's people like you that make the world a better place. Thank you <3" (Spain)

Kylie Cafiero (North Carolina)

Jai Catalano "This morning I saw the photo of all those children with new shoes that touched me deeply. Thank you for bringing this story to life." (New York)

Stephanie Cronk "In memory of Robert L. Moore. I too conduct a shoe drive for locals in need and understand the need for others to share in my mission."

Brenda Cummings (Florida)

Heather Curtsinger "The world needs more sunshine. Even though times get dark, keep up the good work." (Texas)

Kim Fulcher "I'm surrounded by kids who have so much, easy to forget those who have so little" 

Helene and Mayim Helene (in memory, a tribute) "Keep doing what you are doing. You are changing the world and minds and lives. Thank you for that!" 

Susan Hassman (New Jersey)

Sara Lee Herzig "We are with you Deaf Haitians"

Dawn Hill (Minnesota)

Anne Hughes

Cindy Burdic "In memory of my son, Jeff. He passed away suddenly caused by a rare auto immune disease Goodpastor Syndrome that caused his kidney's to fail rapidly. He lived far away from home. We spent 4 days with him in the hospital and he passed away. I met Angela the founder at this time and she was so kind, compassionate and genuine. She reminds me of my son. I've followed her and feel blessed to support her cause and all the good work she does." (New York)

Maria Garcia "Helping with the most basic of needs" (Puerto Rico)

Kevin Gower "I know Angela and I believe in what she's doing.. Happy to help in a small way." (Virginia)

Saul Grosshuesch (Overseas Military)

Nathalie Johnston (Texas)

Meredith Jones "Happy to donate and send some love from Okinawa, Japan!"

Ayesha Kamal "I think this is amazing, you and your work continues to inspire me" (England) 

Noel Perreira Kauanui "so very proud of the work that you are doing!!" (Hawaii)

Theresa Kuhel (Ohio)

Angela King "Bless you & all the people you are trying to help. I wish I could send more but my income is very iimited. The world desperately needs more like you. Keep up the great work -you are well-named x" (England)

Marcela Jones

Tina Lloyd "From Ace and I"

Candice Macy "♥️" (California)

Alicia Marquez (New York)

Natasha McCarthy "Thank you for working so hard to help others" (Australia)

Sarah Angel McClutchy (Virginia)

Kristi Merriweather "Thank you for doing this!!" (Georgia)

Pepijn Mittelmeijer (Holland)

Jennifer Mulholland (Mississippi)

Elizabeth Myers-Suarez (Virginia)

Brenda Nardolillo "Our hearts grieve with you over the loss of your ladies. Hopefully this will help make a difference in the life of their children and others." (Anaheim, California)

Jennifer Nardolillo "A pair from each of my Nardo clan." (Anaheim, California)

Stacy Nowak "In memory of Dr. Amy Hile" (Maryland)

Suzanne Osborne "My mother in law died 12/15...... She had terrible bunions and foot problems that greatly decreased her mobility and enjoyment of her life. It is easy to take your feet for granted until they are no longer dependable. This is an appropriate way to remember her! I will look forward to your next class in Madison, MS. Thank you!" (Madison Mississippi)

Edgar Ortiz (Florida)

Ramona Pacheco (Ohio)

Anna Pålsson (Sweden)

Kelly Paridy "What you do is awesome" (New Jersey)

Diana Pham "In memory of Vanessa, Sophonie & Monique"

Matthew Reinig (Washington)

Lucy Rosado (Ohio)

Cynthia Ross "It is better to give than to receive." (California)

Rosemary Ross (Virginia)

Cynthia Ross (California)

Tim Ruppert (Utah)

Sheena Sabatier "I always said one day I would do something with this Jewelry!" (Florida)

Garrick Sakado "Great work Angela and Because International DOING wonderful things for people in need." (California)

Carrie Sinclair

Jimmy Gann Snoots "A few years ago I bought some land. I always figured God made me a steward of that piece of the Earth. This year I sold some timber. This is my way to show I appreciate it." (Mississippi)

Wolfram Sorg "Here's 10 pairs of shoes, keep up the good work"

Lori Strapp (California)

Denise Stringer "This is awesome!" (Mississippi)

Adriana Vasquez "You're such a bright star on the earth _\m/" (New York)

Jason Wehrs "Thanks for making it easy for the rest of us to have an impact through your awesome dedication!" (Minnesota)

Erin Wietecha "Because @angelamariaOTG is my hero"

Jason Wilcox "People need shoes. I have plenty"

Steve Woodson (Virginia)

Sara Wondra "7 pairs of shoes for kids to grow up with safe protected feet" ( Colorado)


Fuel, Flight, Shipping, Drivers and Security these donors are responsible for funding the delivery of the shoes which is 50% of costs associated to the success!

Andrew, Abbie Gelzer, Mckenzie Buck & Trevor Lee
Because International (Idaho)

Linsday Buchko (Maryland)

Herman Colas (Florida)

Sylvie & Florence
Monfort Institut for the Deaf

Oceanne Freeman (CA)
Bertha Henry (Haiti)

Josenel Exalus & Geovanny Pierre
ASLH (Haiti)

Jean Berube, Sarah Doleace, Laura Skyquest and Sam
Team Discovery (Washington DC)
Sarah McGill (California)
Tami Santimyer (DC)
Sara Wondra (Colorado)


#offthegridHAITI 2015

Gracie Academy (website)
Self Defense T-Shirts

Feed Me or Fight Me (website)
Female & Male T-Shirts

Qalo Ring (website)
Airfare to Haiti & Qalo Supplies

  One World Futbol &nbsp;( full story )  Indestructible Soccer Balls

One World Futbol (full story)
Indestructible Soccer Balls

Raffi Barsam, DMD (website)
Dental Hygiene Supplies

ASL Virtual Wand (website) Deaf/CODAs from CA created ASL artworks to decorate a Deaf Orphanage in Haiti.

Deaf Women Empowered (learn more)

Used Jewelry for Deaf Women's Business, supplied by: Jenny Locy, Maria Garcia, Lisa Kessler, Jessica Foss, Heba Pennington, Susy Vallelonga, Meredith Jones, Elisa Groundwater, Patricia Frank, Zamia Lopez, Genevieve Walker, Damarita Ortiz, Jasmen Ramirez

Phoenix Deaf Women Organization (website)
T-shirts (uniforms for Deaf Women's Business) & Empowerment-raised Supplies for mission 2016

Friends & Family
Deaf Orphanage & Dormitory Supplies, Fuel, Truck, Driver, Security, Shelter, Meals, Self Defense Transportation & Training Equipment

Jamie Almodovar
Guanica, PR

Jon & Charlin Almodovar
Princess Anne, MD

Nick Avery
Jamaica, VT

Bellamie Bachleda
Austin, TX

Jeff Bailey
Santa Fe, NM

Ted & Jillian Baker
Sherman Oaks, CA

Tara Brindle
Richmond, VA

Kylie Cafiero
Raleigh, NC

Robert Campbell
Seattle, WA

Ryan Campbell
RIT, New York

Heather Curstinger
Hondo, TX

Debbie & Jerry Curtsinger
Hondo, TX

Theresa Davis
Fairview Park, OH

Cindy Eayrs
Wilsonville, OR

Kitty Elovsson
Stockholm, Sweden

Kristina Emerson
Lexington, VA

Grisselle & Walle Escotto
Irvine, CA

Jessica Foss
Lebanon, OH

Teddy Garces
Culver City, CA

Maria Garcia
Puerto Rico

Rener & Eve Gracie
Torrance, CA

Jeff & George Greekas

Elisa Groundwater
Boston, MA

Craig Hanaumi
Edmonds, WA

Lana Hunter
Austin, TX

Meredith Jones
Jacksonville, NC

Anne Jean

Lamont Jefferson
San Antonio, TX

Lisa Kessler
Washington, DC

Derek Kimball
Montreal, Canada

Bri Koty
Redondo Beach, CA

Faye Kuo
San Antonio, TX

Marina Lavelle
Los Angeles, CA

Janett Linda
Springfield, MA

Jenny Locy
Clearwater, FL

Zamia Lopez
Ellendale, DE

Fred Lozano
Lorain, OH

Christopher Luna
North Hwd, CA

Carrie Luttrell
Fredericksburg, VA

Alicia Marquez
New Fairfield, CT

Meral & Mat McDuffy
Thousand Oaks, CA

Justin Myers
Hondo, TX

Anthony Nardolillo
Menifee, CA

Damarita Ortiz
Los Angeles, CA

Matteo Ortiz
San Diego, CA

Noel Kauanui
Wahiawi, Hawaii

Ramona Pacheco
Cleveland, OH

Heba Pennington
Houston, TX

Markus Porch
Anchorage, AK

Richard Rede
Hawthorne, CA

Rina Ota
Barcelona, Spain

Candy Rodriguez
Galloway, OH

Cindy & Mike Ross
Riverside, CA

Marybeth Ryan
Rutherford, NJ

Edmy Salazar
Arlington, VA

Franziska & Verny
Houston, TX

Shawn Schramski
Anchorage, Alaska

Darrell Schulz
La Crescenta, CA

Garrett Scott
Austin, TX

Danielle Soares
Redondo Beach, CA

Lisa & Chris Soukup
Austin, TX

Danielle Soares
Redondo Beach, CA

Ann L. Thompson
Hudson, MA

Susy Vallelonga
San Antonio, TX

Genevieve Walker
Clifton, VA

Teresa Warman
La Vernia, TX

Billy Williamson
Langhorne, PA

Greg Williamson
Langhorne, PA

Sara Wondra
Denver, CO

Raymonda Yeh
Boyds, MD